Can bad shoes be harmful for the health?

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Properly fitting footwear must have no negative impact on your health but poorly or incorrectly chosen fitting footwear might negatively impact your feet. Shoes with poor grip, higher heels and absent fastening might be linked to the impaired balance, walking and falls when foot construction within shoes might make temporary numbness or parathaesia. Suppose footwear is incorrect then you might face some short term and long term problems. Fitting shoes might cause damage to your feet instantly such as:

Wearing bad shoes can cause the same problems as wearing heavy backpacks, especially for kids

Fungal and nail problems are extremely common in UK so you must carefully choose best shoes.

Athlete foot is caused by the dermatophyte and it is the fungal species which is living on skin. It causes inflammation, intense itching and flaking of skin. Wrong pair of the shoes might cause permanent damage to your body. Huge numbers of the potential problem might arise from wearing improper footwear over prolonged period of time.

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How shoes affect your health

In a modern world most of the The danger of bad shoespeople are suffering from foot related problems when they wear improper size shoe. Bunion is the enlargement of the tissue or bone around joint at base of the big toe.

As bunion grows, big toe might turn in toward second toe which might cause swelling and pain with the shoe wear. At the same time genetic factor might also play important role in the development of bunions.

In most of the cases, bunions are attributed to wear shoes which are too tight. Corn is type of the callus which develops when tight shoes put constant pressure on skin.

When you are trying on the new shoe, make sure that your shoes might not feel cramped or pinched. You should not buy shoes which is not fit because it might cause foot damage and pain problems.

Evaluate shoe for its overall construction and shoe must bend in the toe box not shank. Basically good stable shank might offer you with more support.

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The main goal is to find shoe which approximates shape of foot when compared to your foot to take on shape of shoe.

What are the features of good shoes?

Choosing the best shoe is crucial step in avoiding foot pain and good shoe might perform two main functions such as protection and support. Good arch is required in running shoes and good walking to prevent foot from the overuse injuries and over probation. If you are a beginner to choose shoe, you must follow some effective tips such as

  • Shoe must only bend where your foot bends
  • It must resist being twisted
  • Shape of shoe must match foot and if shape of the shoe does not match foot, show might be uncomfortable
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A good shoe must have certain characteristics such as stable, roomy enough, adjustable, in good condition and shoe heel must not exceed in 2.5cm.

A good pair of shoe comes with adjustable strap like Velcro and laces that allows for the adjustment according to individual requirements. Shoe heel cup or heel support must be stable and soft which can prevent horizontal and vertical heel movement.

Pair of shoe comes with awesome features such as ankle collar, midsole, roll bar and appropriate toe box. Flexibility is most important consideration for comfort which is crucial one in jogging and walking shoes. Running shoes tend to be firm which can support weight and force of the running stride. Basically heavy shoe might take more effort to move around in because it is usually made of less comfortable material. A shoe which is designed with lightweight material is useful for hiking and dry weather.

Buy only good shoes

Buying right shoe is best investment in the foot health so you are advisable to measure your foot size which is first step to get most comfortable shoes. Two different size of foot sizes are there so you can choose the shoe size which is suitable to your larger foot. Choosing best shoe is important to avoid foot related problems.

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If you are planning to buy shoes in online then you must follow some tips which is sufficient to avoid some mistakes such as choose right shop, material, colors, right size and start it with the right foot. In general, buying shoe is not only about latest trend and styles but also its all about targeted requirements and comfort. If you are looking to know about your foot size then you must follow some effective tips

  • Trace the feet
  • Measure length and width
  • Make length and width
  • Find right shoe size

If you are doing some research then you can easily find out best pair of shoes which is suitable to your lifestyle. Suppose your shoe is too loose then you can wear thick pair of the socks which can fill out gap. Using high quality of shoes might improve comfort and health of your feet.

There are numerous numbers of the benefits are associated when you buy the best pair of shoes such as:

  • It regulates foot moisture
  • Prevents foot odor
  • You can avoid discomfort and other problems
  • Useful to save money

Good quality of shoes can last for many years when compared to poor quality shoes. You are recommended to keep your shoes hydrated, protected and clean. Try to avoid wearing high heels frequently.

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You can also select leather shoe because leather is the breathable material which can absorb humidity and it is having capability to absorb moisture. In order to improve absorption of the moisture, it is necessary to keep shoes with corresponding wooden shoe trees.

You must not choose the shoe by size marked inside shoe. Upper part of the shoe must be made of the flexible, soft material which matches shape of your foot. If shoe is designed with the leather then it can reduce possibility of the skin irritations.

Other common problem, which can be harmful for the health is to wearing heavy backpacks, especially to kids. But this is an another story

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