Are backpacks safe for kids? Can kids wear them?

Kids carry their books, lunch, water bottle and accessories on their backpacks. A typical school bag will weigh around 3 to 6 lbs and carrying the backpack for a long period of time may be dangerous. The number of kids being treated for backpack-related issues is increasing at a constant pace. Kids should wear an ideal backpack so that they will be able to carry it without any issues. They should not suffer from short-term or long-term health issues.

How can backpacks hurt your kids?

Kids should know the right way of wearing the backpack. If it is not worn in the right way, it will lead to various kinds of health complications such as back pain and posture-related issues. The risk of injury will increase if the child does not wear the backpack properly. The improper wearing will also lead to muscle sprain, joint pain, neck and shoulder problems. However, the occurrence of scoliosis is ruled out by an expert, Daniel Green, MD (AAOS Spokesperson).

As per the suggestion of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the weight of the backpack should be less than 10% to 15% of the kid’s body weight.

You can notice the following symptoms when the kids’ are facing issues with the backpack:

  • Kids grunt while putting and taking off the bag
  • They will have red marks on their shoulders (arising out of straps)
  • Kids complain of numbness in shoulders, arms and fingers

You should not panic by observing some of the symptoms listed above. You can overcome most of these issues and it is possible to manage a backpack with great comfort.

Shopping for backpacks

Two girls with backpacksYou should buy backpacks from reputed brands as they will follow the standards and scientific principles in the design and manufacturing of backpacks. The type of material used for the bag, shoulder straps and other arrangements should offer highest level of comfort to the kid.

The material should be soft and lightweight and there should not be any compromise on the functionality.

The length, width and height of the bag should be in tune with the kid’s age, height and weight so that you can make the most of your investment.

You should buy the backpack at ‘sporting goods stores’ as you will have the privilege of meeting the trained employees. They will guide you how to fit the backpacks.

When kids wear backpack of the right size, shape and weight, there will not be any issues.

As a matter of fact, the shoulders are not designed to carry loads. Hence, you should implement the right technique to distribute the load evenly on your body. By using the waist straps, you can transfer most of the load on to hip bones and you can reduce the burden on shoulders.

Tips to wear the best backpack

  • You should choose the best backpack which will help you maintain the posture without any issues.
  • If you carry a heavy backpack, you will want to maintain forward head posture and it may lead to neck and shoulder pain.
  • The backpack for kids should be made of lightweight fabric.
  • The backpack should be closer to the body and there should be a minimal separation between the bag and the body.
  • The bag length should be the length of the torso and the bottom. It should be carried 2 inches below the waist.
  • The kid should not bend while carrying the bag in which case, the hips will turn sore.
  • If a kid wears an overweight backpack, there will be a change in the walking pattern which may apply pressure on knees.
  • There will be pressure on joints and muscles by carrying an overweight backpack. The backpack can alter the biomechanics as well.
  • By using a waist strap made out of thick material, you can distribute the weight on the body in a very efficient manner.
  • Ensure that the kid will use both shoulders so that the weight distribution will be uniform on both shoulders.
  • By using backpacks with multiple compartments, the weight distribution of contents will be very efficient. The heavier items should be at the bottom and should be towards the back as it will facilitate easy weight distribution.

By choosing the right kind of backpacks, students can avoid injuries and health issues. The selection of the bag, arrangement of contents in the bag and carrying the bag in the most appropriate way are important factors. If you follow the precautions in using the backpack, there will be a great comfort as well as convenience.

Kids’ luggage on wheels as an alternative to backpacks

You can consider kids luggage set as an alternative to shoulder backpacks. Comfort is the top-most priority of the rolling backs. Instead of carrying the backpack on your shoulders, you can roll it so that very little effort is sufficient.

Students of all age groups will be able to carry the rolling luggage. They are ideal to commute to and from school and to move from one lecture hall to another lecture hall. There will not be any compromise of the comfort associated with the shoulder backpacks.

You can avoid carrying the handbag with heavy loads of books and lunch box when the rolling backpack is available. Students will not leave important material at home because of the fear of heavy load. In addition to notebooks and textbooks, various materials needed for assignments and projects can be included in the rolling backpack very easily.

You will not want to struggle with the huge backpack to navigate in the classroom. When you hit others with the backpack, you will want to apologize them. You may hit other students as well with your backpack. These troubles can be avoided by using a rolling backpack.

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