What to Wear While Visiting London

London is a unique city. That’s the first thing to realize when you land at the Heathrow Airport. The breathtaking city panorama seen before landing, the British accent of the airport staff, and even the unmistakable chillness of the London climate make it immediately. To start exploring the city right away, complete all the procedures at the airport quickly. For immigration, baggage, or others procedures and the ample information on LHR amenities navigate here.

London climate is challenging for any tourist, let alone a snappy dresser. The weather is changing and unpredictable.

The only remedy the experts advise is dressing in layers. Having a top or a T-shirt underneath a shirt blouse and the jacket lets you stay weather-proof and comfortable. Still, even in London each season has its weather pattern.

“A classic vintage red public telephone box in a London residential street – in the snowHampstead, London, UK”

Visiting London in winter, make sure you have a thick coat or a down jacket, preferably with the large hood. Don’t put too much underneath, though, as inside it is usually very warm, not to say hot. A mid-season turtleneck or a pullover would do just fine. Winter in London is not a period for mini skirts or shorts. You’ll be comfortable in any kind of non-skinny pants, which you can fortify by putting an underwear cotton leggings. While the temperature rarely goes below 23 ºF, the humidity and piercing wind make it more suffer than the Arctic cold. Don’t take the uniform suede boots, for example. The rain and sleet will make them a mess. Pack something rain- and mud-proof but not too thick in your bag. And yes, an umbrella is mandatory.

Spring is a time when it’s warmer, yet raining as much, if not more. So, the layers must be preserved. For the busy London trip, pack a mid-season coat or a poncho. Closer to the mid-Spring, a large cashmere scarf would make a nice option. Pack the tops you are wont to wear (shirts, pullovers, blouses or else). Stylish jeans or pants will make an all-purpose outfit. For the shoes, pick the flat shoes (say, a pair of brogues) for tourism and business, and heels for the Buckingham palace routs. Still, if you plan just hanging around in a fancy outfit, it won’t be considered exotic – London is quite democratic for clothes and styles. Bring a hat only if it is an inseparable part of your style – Londoners are often seen bare-headed even in chilly weather. And take an umbrella along, whenever you come out to the street.

Summer is hot and sunny. It is true for London, too… for a part of the day. For another part, it’s almost as rainy and cool as in spring. So, you can definitely pack your favourite shorts or a mini skirt with a sleeveless top or a T-shirt. So far as you have a good rainproof trench coat along. However, a light jacket paired with the summer scarf would make a nice addition provided there is a place in your travel bag. The flats are perfect for everyday routine and tourism, while the elegant bare-toe heels will help you look stylish. The hat is a must have, together with sunglasses, it will protect you from the sun that tends to appear unexpectedly. Did you leave umbrella out of the bag? Put it inside!

There is no real autumn but in London. Rain, frowny skies, sleet with occasional sunbeam — and all that with the average 58 ºF. See that your London wardrobe contain jeans, pants and (or) knee-level skirts. They will be good to pair with the ankle (eco) leather boots on the solid sole — to rescue yourself out of a puddle. The raincoat is a must-have for tourism, though the London residents seldom wear it, getting along with all types of autumn coats, solid and mid-warm. The fluffy scarf will make you feel comfortable and protect from the wind. A light shirt or a classic top is great for not getting hot inside the tube or in the house. And there always must be a place for a brolly in your everyday purse. For sure, you know this British slang for “umbrella” already!

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